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A New York commercial insurance policy is a critical pillar of success for any New York business, big or small, from a manufacturing plant to a family-owned restaurant. Our job at Antalek & Moore is to make sure you’re protected from the many risks that come with operating a business, and to help make your businesses as successful as it can be.

Every business operates differently, serves different customers, and has different commercial insurance needs. We get that, and we prioritize understanding all of the fine print about your New York business, so you feel confident that every risk is accounted for.

Helping you select the commercial insurance products you need.

We provide New York and Hudson Valley businesses with commercial insurance policies tailored to the type of business they run. Our New York licensed commercial insurance agents work with national, regional, and specialty carriers to provide the most comprehensive policies at costs that are affordable.

Business Insurance New York

See below for the most common types of commercial coverages we provide. We also offer specialty insurance products, depending on the type of business you operate. An agent who deals with unique industries can walk you through the specialty coverages we offer.

What Sorts of Business Insurance Solutions Do Insurers Provide?

Businesses in New York face many different risks, which is why insurers offer a variety of business insurance solutions. In most cases, businesses need more than one insurance product to protect themselves from the multiple potential perils they’re exposed to.

Commercial insurance coverages are frequently available through standalone policies, but many businesses purchase multi-coverage policies that offer more protections. The specific coverages in multi-coverage policies can vary, and they may protect against common risks that lots of businesses face or more specialized risks that only some businesses are exposed to.

Business Insurance New York

Some common coverages that many businesses may want include:

Some examples of more specialized coverages that certain businesses might want are:

  • Contractors and Builders Risk Insurance, which might protect contractors from liability claims regarding work they’ve done
  • Animal Liability Insurance, which may cover incidents involving a business’ animals
  • Spectator Liability Insurance, which might cover incidents in which spectators of an event are injured
  • Tank-Leakage Insurance, which may cover tank leaks at breweries

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What New York Businesses Need Business Insurance?

Most New York businesses ought to have at least some business insurance, for few businesses are free of any potential risk. Sole proprietors, limited liability corporations, and incorporated companies all are usually exposed to some perils that insurance can help protect against.

Is Commercial Insurance Expensive?

Because there are many different commercial coverages, commercial premiums vary a lot. How much commercial insurance will cost a particular business depends on the coverages selected, the business’ location, the business’ size, the business’ industry, and many other factors.

In most cases, however, commercial policies are affordable. Paying premiums is often much less than the potential cost of a claim.

Business Insurance New York

Are Commercial Insurance Premiums Tax-Deductible?

Premiums that are paid for commercial policies are generally tax-deductible as long as the coverages are used to insure a business. Tax laws can change from year to year, though. Therefore, to make sure their commercial policies’ premiums are tax deductible, business owners should contact a qualified tax professional.

When Should Business Owners Start Looking for Commercial Policies?

Business owners should start talking to an insurance agent as soon as they begin planning their business. Consulting an agent early in the planning phases of a business can help business owners understand the risks their businesses face, how to protect their businesses from those risks and budget for the necessary coverages.

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Do Homeowners Insurance Policies Coverage Home-Based Businesses?

Some homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for home-based businesses, but not all do. Moreover, those that do offer coverage frequently only provide a small amount of protection. For instance, homeowners policies often exclude liability coverage for businesses, limit business property coverage to a small amount, and don’t cover business property outside the home.

How Can Business Owners Get Business Insurance?

Finding the right business insurance solution for a particular business is a complex process. Therefore, owners of New York businesses should work with an independent insurance agent in the area to make sure they get the right coverages for their business. An independent agent will be able to help assess a business’ insurance needs and find policies that meet those needs.

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