Personal Identity Theft Protection with ID Watchdog

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ID Watchdog is the leader in personal Identity Theft Protection and Monitoring. Since there is no true "Insurance Coverage" for this, Antalek & Moore has found a product that helps monitor your identity. With this identity theft protection program from ID Watchdog, we can rest easy knowing you are – and they can rest easy knowing you and your family members are protected. 


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Did you know that:

  • More than 15 Million Americans were victimized with financial losses nearing $25 billion last year.
  • The average victim will lose $4,841, and spend $1,400
    in expenses trying to resolve their case on their own.
  • The average victim spends 330 hours on their own trying to repair the damage.
  • 50% of identity theft victims have trouble qualifying for loans or credit cards.
  • 12% of identity theft victims end up having arrest warrants in their name for crimes committed by the identity thief.

Protection with ID Watchdog is for an individual, not a business, and starts at $12.99/mo


ID Watchdog



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