Learn General Liability Insurance Limits: Per-Occurrence vs. Aggregate

    Accurately comparing two general liability insurance policies requires more than just looking at their premiums. To truly see how two different policies stack up against each other, business owners must also look at each policy’s coverages and limits. There are several different coverages and limits to check, but two that deserves special attention are the aggregate limits and per-occurrence limits. If you’re a business owner in East Fishkill, NY, here’s a guide to these two limits and how to compare them when looking at two different general liability policies.

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    3 Steps to Save Your Business Money With a Business Owners Policy

    Businesses often look for ways to minimize their insurance costs so that they can keep their overhead expenses low. Eliminating coverages in order to save on premiums, however, can leave companies dangerously exposed to potential perils. If you have a business in Beacon, New York and are looking for ways to keep your company’s business owners policy premiums low, here are three ways your company might be able to save on insurance without assuming too much additional risk.

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    Mahopac, NY Owners: Does Your Business Owners Policy Have Income Coverage?

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